Pizzaiolo by Brothers - FINE ITALIAN FOOD

85 Godwin Avenue

Pizzaiolo by Brothers - FINE ITALIAN FOODOffering the finest in Southern Italian cooking

Nino and Anna Mazzola started it all! Married in 1967 Nino came to the United States to work as a mason on the World Trade Center, before reuniting with his bride in Brooklyn. In 1970, eager to leave the construction business, he bought a pizzeria in the small suburb of Midland Park, NJ. With no prior training as a pizzaiolo, what Nino lacked in experience he more than exceeded in dedication.

Before long his business was flourishing. In those days, Brothers Pizza was truly a “Mom and Pop” shop with Nino out front making pizza’s, and Anna waiting tables and running the kitchen. Nino and Anna raised their three children, Vera, Piera and Anthony in Hawthorne. While Nino no longer works the 80-hour weeks of his younger days, he is often found on Friday nights making pizza and manning the ovens.